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A Radio Opera

This work is a narrative of my sociopolitical and musical struggles, as a bi-cultural immigrant. The long-time existing tension between the Iranian and the USA governments on one hand and the social issues that people of color and Iranian immigrants face, while constantly being affected by the acts of their authoritarian regime in Iran, on the other hand, leaves me with dispersed thoughts and feelings about my diaspora and the diversity I see around me.


The use of radio opera as a medium refers back to Pierre Schaeffer’s acousmatic situation—”which concentrates on the sound for its own sake, as a sound object, independently of its causes or its meaning.” I was also Inspired by the Golha radio program, which was broadcast on Iranian National Radio from 1956 through 1979, and I wanted to make this project possible during the ongoing Pandemic. 


The music itself moves along what I call a post-intercultural path, which seeks to establish an intercultural experience focused on possibilities rather than fixed identities, process as opposed to product, and "becoming" as opposed to "identifying”. This is why I bring Sibarg Ensemble and Eclipse Quartet together in one electroacoustic piece.  While Sibarg is an intercultural creative music group performing improvised music, Eclipse is a string quartet specializing in performing notated music.

Hesam Abedini
March 2022
Irvine, California

Sibarg Ensemble: Hesam Abedini, vocals & director  |  Josh Charney, piano & keyboard  |  Bahar Badieitabar, oud  |  James Ilgenfritz, contrabass & electric bass  |  Koosha Hakimi, drums  |  Oliver Dobrian, guitar  |  Mahya Hamedi, vocals  |  Isaac Otto, saxophone


Eclipse String Quartet: Sarah Thornblade & Sara Parkins, violins  |  Alma Lisa Fernandez, viola  |  Maggie Parkins, cello

Mixed, Mastered and Produced by: Hesam Abedini  |  Recordings for Sibarg Ensemble by: Performers in their rooms  |  Recordings for Eclipse Quartet by: Jeff Gauthier  |  Poster by: Akef Rahmati

Sponsored by Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute







Intro | concrete music

Darâmad | for string quartet

News | concrete music

A difference that doesn't make a difference | for sibarg ensemble | based on a quote by Angela Davis

Imaginary Reality | for string quartet

Intro to Shâhnâmeh | piano, voice and bass improvisation

End of Shâhnâmeh | music by Josh Charney | for Sibarg Ensemble | selected lines from Shâhnâmeh of Ferdowsi (11th c.) and a poem by M. Akhavan Sales (1929-90)

176 | for voice and computer 

#PS752 | for string quartet with delay   

Rim Bara Bebop | for sibarg ensemble

O n O r W y | for string quartet 

City is a Swamp | for sibarg ensemble | poem by F. Moshiri (1926-2000)   

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