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An intercultural creative ensemble based in California, Sibarg was established in 2008 by Hesam Abedini at the Tehran Music Conservatory. Since 2015 Sibarg has been performing Iranian/Jazz Improvised music across the USA and abroad.
Pish-Radif (literary for pre Radif) is comprised of eleven lessons created by Hossein Omoumi to introduce the foundation of classical Persian music in a short period of time. Hesam Abedini is the writer and research assistant in this project.
"Classical Persian Music, Hossein Omoumi, From Isfahan to Irvine" is an educational documentary film showcasing Hossein Omoumi's life as a musician and educator. In this film Dr. Omoumi introduces us to classical Persian music and his innovative teaching method, Pish Radif.

Script Writer & Director: Hesam Abedini

Supported by:
National Endowment for the Arts
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute
Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Jordan Center for Persian Studies
Documentary Educational Resources

Diaspersity is a one-hour long radio opera that moves along
a post-intercultural path.
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