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New Release

Circadian Etudes by The Assembly For Distance Alchemy

Release Date: September 20, 2022
Label: Infrequent Seams

Circadian Etudes offers a unique angle on creative music: 7 improvisers recording live from different locations, drawing on resonances mined over months prior. Groupings of voice, buzuq, trombone, keyboards, bass, and percussion traverse unexpected shifts through moments of peace, agitation, playfulness, introspection and collective exuberance, grounded in a shared spirit of sonic discovery.

Hesam Abedini, voice | Michael Dessen, trombone |  Jiryis Murkus Ballan, buzuq
Tony Fajt, keyboards | James Ilgenfritz III, bass |  Chris Hadley, percussion and electronics Atticus Reynolds, drums & keyboard
CIPHER by Sibarg Ensemble                              Published in 2018
Band leader | Producer | Vocalist | Composer
Ode to Love by Namâd Ensemble             Published in 2020
Vocalist | Producer | Recording Engineer
Kooch-e Khamân by Del Sol String Quartet
Published in 2020
Composer | Producer
Kooch-e Khamân



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